samedi 3 août 2013

Do Burundians Suffer From Cognitive Dissonance?

It is one of the questions that Thierry Uwamahoro asked in his previous blog post. A reader answers:

This cognitive dissonance is interesting. Sounds simple enough. The people are miserable but they do not blame Nkurunziza ( and y'all know he WILL run again) for their misery. The people were never taught to demand and expect better from their leaders, because very few have actually cared about their welfare. They were poor before Nkurunziza, they are poor with him and they will most likely be poor after him. The difference is that he's managed to connect with them, make them believe that he cares and make them feel relatively safe in a manner that no other leader ( kiretse maybe Rwagasore or Ndadaye) has done. It's a very powerful tool.


People do well not to blame their miser on NKURUZIZA. They do not suffer from any cognitive disorder. The current President of the country is not the cause of the misery but the solution. He is trying all he can to get the people out of the tremendous misery that resulted from the deliberate actions of UPRONA. That is the party that deliberately impoverished people, wanted them poor, miserable, hungry, thirsty, ignorant so that it can control them easily. What a miscalculation! It is a miscalculation because had UPRONA promoted education for all as NKURUNZIZA is doing at the moment, sought to innovate and increase public infrastructure, Burundi would be one of the strongest nation in the world today, every burundian would be profiting out of this, including the same UPRONA members who miscalculated.

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  1. A bitter, gangrened hateful soul that despite the fact that's been done wrong and suffered a lot; that you can't deny and recognise and wish to better th situation, it has decided to invest its energy in resent and hate; and in all that, anything that fails be it its fault or its mismanagement,it chooses to blame everything on the past even when it holds the reign; sad but that's the current governement and it expect that the new generation of what it relentessly call : "BAHIMA" OR "BAUTSI" in all its publications over and over will actually feel guilty of its failures. It can think again.

  2. No sens , rediculous , how can u say that Nkurunziza and his gvrmt cannot be blamed ? please, nearly ten years on power , what they have done for the country ?.....except Keeling people, stealing, ripping-off the national economy ,corruptoion .... without talking about all violation of human dignity, common....Extremist like u are no longer has place in tdays'Burundi.What Bahima or Batutsi comes to do in this matter? Their time is over , more than ten years ago..... people are dying, country are already bankrupt never happen uder Micombero, Bagaza, even Buyoya during the economic sanction/ ambargo , life was far away better than today.
    We are all Burundian , the history has show us the truth , there is geedy and hangrymen and shamless on power , there is no bad Hutu or bad Tutsi, the pretext behind ethnic has been descovered; Thousands of Hutu are being killed by their brothers Hutu , like many Tutsi have been killed y the Bururi grvrt.... Please , learn how to tell the truth, is the only way to show that u'r a civilised human being.

    Thank u