dimanche 28 juillet 2013

How To Balance The Burundi National budget?

A reader writes:

If Burundi is serious in streamlining its budget, there are many areas where they may have to touch in order to balance the National budget:

 (1) Reduce the number of Ministries by fusing two or three Ministries into one.

 (2) Eliminate the Vice-President Level in the Office the Presidency. A Prime Minister can assume the functions of the two Vice Presidents.

 (3) I am wondering whether tiny Burundi needs to be subdivided in all these many Provinces. We may just need to divide Burundi into just 5 to 6 regions as they use to be during the "Royaume du Burundi" (Buyenzi, Mumirwa, Kirimiro, etc.). We can then give more powers to the "Administrateurs Communaux". We may even fuse some Communes in order to reduce the number "Administrateurs Communaux".

 (4) We may reduce the number of troops in the Burundi Defence Forces and just have a Professional Army, well paid, and efficient. We probably do not need more than 10,000 to 15,000 troops. We should instead have a visible Police presence to maintain peace and tranquility.

 (5) The whole Public Service should be revamped to make sure that all dead branches (bois mords) are trimmed. One third of the Public Service may have to be recycled into the Private Sector.

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